Mary Anne's birth photography
Note: All images selected and shared with client consent. 
This would be Mary Anne's fourth labor experience and she historically went into labor a week late. We anticipated a similar start to labor this time around, but true to the unpredictable nature of labor and delivery, her water broke a week and a half before her due date. Getting the text/call that one of my clients is in labor is a true joy. I'm ready to go!
Upon arrival, Mary Anne's doula, Alicia, and I waited through the triage before heading to the birthing suite to join Mary Anne and her spouse, Nate. Contractions were three minutes apart and Mary Anne began actively working through them with Alicia. Contractions slowed down for a good two hours and Mary Anne rested purposefully during that time. 
When I tell you this was a calm, composed, focused mama, you won't be able to fully comprehend just how calm and in control she was. It was channeled power like I've never seen. 
For awhile, the contractions were stronger but further apart. It was fascinating to see how Mary Anne's body uniquely responded to different techniques and positioning. Movement was clearly what her body needed to make decent progress. Contractions picked back up and Mary Anne was beautifully tolerating intense discomfort, her cervix approaching 9 cm. 
My favorite images from the entire birth session (shown above) were taken during the final stages of active labor. Mary Anne was surrounded by love, wisdom, prayer and experienced hands. It was one of those moments that took my breath away. 
And just moments later, she knew she was ready to push. 
At 1:55 am on a Wednesday, this gorgeous baby boy entered the world and was laid in mom's arms. Daddy Nate was both a fantastic coach and videographer. I was in awe of his steady hand amidst the excitement.
Mary Anne was able to snuggle skin-to-skin with her brand new baby boy and Nate cut the cord before the baby nurse administered baby's first exam.
Welcome to the world baby Weston, all 8 lbs 9 oz of you. The family is settling in at home and adjusting to life as a family of 6. Congratulations, and all of my respect to the amazing work I had the honor of witnessing and capturing during Mary Anne's birth experience. 
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