Welcome to marriage, Josh & Elaine

There is no comparison to the anticipation of photographing a wedding, especially a wedding like Josh & Elaine’s. This couple is beautiful, inside and out, and might be the most down-to-earth bride and groom I have ever worked with. (Though, I confess, I’ve been very blessed with amazing couples).

Josh and Elaine knew exactly what they wanted for their big day – to get married to one another in Carolina Tar Heel fashion. They managed to seamlessly weave together their team spirit and their faith. Folks, I was impressed. 

There were surprises around every corner. Genuine, personal touches from the couple that kept my eyes wide open in amazement the entire day. 

Elaine (bride) had the most gorgeous gown I’ve ever seen AND it had pockets. She had a spectacular playlist blasting as she and her ladies got prepped in the hours before the ceremony. They wore “Nasty Women” tank tops as they sipped mimosas and had their makeup and hair done. And it was clear that Elaine pulled those around her whom she loved the most. She was enjoying her day and had a tour de force behind her. 

Josh (groom) barely slept a wink the night before the wedding, which was coincidental because one of the quotes shared during their ceremony was this (credit: Dr. Seuss): “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 

Shooting weddings is no easy task, but it is the most extraordinary challenge of all photography, and I adore being a part of something so important. 

Below, I’ll share a few favorites from the day. Trust me when I say it’s tough to narrow these down. 

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