Women who rock

When I’m not nudging my camera into the personal lives of my clients, coaxing smiles and laughter out of them, I delve into commercial photography and video. It’s very different work from when I’m with my families and it’s uniquely enjoyable.

Recently I was documenting a number of professional workshops offered through the UNC Kenan-Flagler Executive Development Program. Professors from the Business School offer hands-on, intensive training to professionals from across the nation.

As I work these events, I’m a fly on the wall, absorbing what the faculty say, gauging participants’ reaction and interaction as I discreetly capture the workshopping as it happens. There is no posing, no adjustments. My goal is to be invisible while seeking out the best possible angles in a classroom setting. It’s challenging work in the sense that you use the lighting available, the context presented (no props, etc), with the subjects available.

Lucky for me, the subjects are wonderful. They are captivating, energized and welcoming of the camera in the back row.

My most recent assignment was coverage of a women at work session. I couldn’t help but be inspired at every level. 

The participants were all females in leadership in the workplace.

The faculty was comprised of world-class female instructors.

Participants maneuvered through real-life scenario negotiations, on-the-spot presentations and honed in on growing skills. It was fascinating to watch and see the students do so without breaking a sweat. 

Stay tuned for more content around this cool program!