I have my clients to thank

I mean it. This year has been such a blessing, and my clients are a major part of that. 

By internet standards, videos are supposed to be short. So I had to keep this message concise. However, I could have gone on and on and on and would need to in order to adequately thank each and every one of my clients.

From the Aaron family to the Zukermans, my beloved families and customers have made this year one of success. 

As you’ll hear in the video, my decision to quit a full-time gig to stay at home with my babies and focus on freelance work was a scary one to make. My fears and doubts were pretty high leaving something comfortable for something risky.

My beautiful clients kept me busy, which felt like an answer to many prayers and has helped me feel a bit more comfortable in my decision.

THANK YOU over and over again. Here’s to a great 2018!

How time flies

Eight years ago today I became a mother. Caleb Heath Busbee came into the world uttering healthy cries and changed my being, every part of me, for eternity. He’s an amazing little dude, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him. 

As a gift to my children (well, to myself really) on their birthdays, I create an annual video that encompasses their past year. These are such treasures to my family and I and we watch them over and over again. It’s amazing how time flies and how the smallest details of their little lives can be forgotten. I need these videos to help me remember! Enjoy.


Caleb Year 8 from Melanie Busbee on Vimeo.

Morphing zinnias

Morphed zinnias from Melanie Busbee on Vimeo.

I am not a great gardener – not even a good gardener, really – but when I discover a plant or flower that does well without any assistance on my part, I feel like a success. Lantana does that. Verbena does that. And my new favorite: zinnias do that. They just grow and grow and grow, even in dry conditions, and they volunteer everywhere in the yard. 

Zinnias produce the most vibrant colors and their blooms are big enough to create some gorgeous summer bouquets. I have a fresh bouquet in my house throughout the summer months and it makes me so happy. 

Plus, I can totally nerd out and create time remapping visuals in After Effects with pictures of my zinnias. 

And the winner is…

My July Facebook contest has now ended and ladies and gentlemen, you said some really, really nice things about my work. You really outdid yourselves, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Without further ado…drumroll please…the winner is:

Melanie Busbee Photo July contest winner from Melanie Busbee on Vimeo.

Congratulations, Holly! You are a tremendous customer and momma to those gorgeous kiddos. I have loved watching your family grow and look forward to another photo session!

Museum trekking in under a minute

If you haven’t yet visited the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Museum trekking in under a minute from Melanie Busbee on Vimeo.

This video hardly scratches the surface of wonder and amazement at the museum (we only had time for 4 of the 11 outdoor exhibits), but it honestly highlights what a 1-hour visit looks like through the eyes of a 1-year-old child. The adorable subject is none other than my youngest daughter, Cameron. 

My goal when shooting a subject is always to accurately and candidly preserve a moment in time. I want the viewer to be tugged and pulled into the memory – to be able to feel it, see it, hear it, smell it (maybe not taste it, unless it’s commercial food photography or wedding cake). 

Shooting lifestyle projects is my ideal method for telling a story. This time around it just so happened to be the story of my sweet little gal enjoying a super fun day in nature.

The reward is in the work

I am fortunate to sit on the Board of Directors for a Durham-based nonprofit, The Exchange Family Center. They provide free child abuse and neglect prevention services to area families (either voluntarily or court-mandated cases) and have done so for 25 years now. This video I created recounts those 25 years, from the humblest of early days to present day, when their services are highly sought after, respected and there are burdensome waiting lists. They are working on fundraising to get those waiting lists down, because families in need should not have to wait.

One way I was able to help in their efforts was to produce this video, which ended up being tremendously rewarding.

The Exchange Family Center celebrates 25 years from Melanie Busbee.


I’ve only known the Center for six years now, but working on this project enabled me to sift through numerous photos, newsletters, headlines, etc from their earliest days. The folks who founded the Center did so with kind, willing hearts and their vision has continued and grown over the decades. They must be extremely proud and I hope their hearts swell when they look back at their legacy.

Just check out these priceless images…

Congratulations to the Exchange Family Center and here’s to another 25 years!