Kylie and Co.

The Moore family just helped me and my camera kick off fall, and I couldn’t have picked a better crew. Kylie just turned two and absolutely lit up in front of the camera. She also has the adorable nickname ‘Squeaky,’ which I got to call her the entire session, so there’s that.

We headed to Yates Mill County Park looking for fall color. And though the leaves haven’t quite popped yet – at least not in Raleigh – this family’s beauty and joy was captivating. 

Who needs leaves when you have these smiles?!

Kudos Moore family on another successful session. Much love to this sweet bunch!

Evie, maker of exquisite expressions

This is my third time photographing sweet Evelyn, aka Evie. She has been a little charmer since she was born.

Now, at 14 months old, Evie has perfected the art of exquisite expressions.

I don’t know many toddlers who are experienced in the closed-mouth smile. But Evie has nailed that skill as well.

Even here, when I asked Evie to sit nestled amongst tall, itchy autumn grasses, she obliged, and even applauded a little bit. 

She also has a really cool canine pal named Keno. Keno makes an appearance in most of our photo sessions together. 

Evie is a mover and a shaker now. She kept me on my toes the entire photo session.

I’m betting she keeps mom and dad on their toes as well :) Because, well, that’s what 14-month-old cuties do.

That’s a wrap on the adorable, exquisite Evie and company. 

Check back next time for more incredible families!

Happy shooting :)

Herndon family strikes again!

And what I mean by that is, the Herndon family delivered incredible, glorious perfection once again during their family photo session this weekend. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Herndon’s since the birth of their first child. Each and every photo session is an absolute joy.

Madeline has blossomed into an adorably sweet, friendly little lady.

Avery is a mini-Madeline, but with slightly more toddler energy.

Both of these sisters are unbelievably charming and playful. They somehow remember me from photo session to photo session, even though I only see them annually. 

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this family. The parents are the coolest. They scuba dive, they enjoy good beer, they refurbish mountain cabins. They work hard and radiate in the presence of their children. 

But then again, who wouldn’t?!  LOOK AT THESE GIRLS. They are angels, I tell ya. They are sisters who probably never fight or whine.


Even Madeline, who developed a painful blister on the back of her heel for the sake of wearing pretty shoes during the photo session, barely uttered a complaint. 

Thank you, Herndon family, for always coming to life in front of the camera for me, and for trusting me with your sweet memories.

Spotting joy

I have an incredible amount of fun photographing my clients, trying to create a comfortable environment for them while balancing the technical aspects of the camera. The photo session is just one piece of the whole picture of my work though.

Once I return home with camera and SD card in hand, I get the pleasure of uploading all those photo moments to my computer and sorting through them. Many times, this can be the hardest part of the job. I have to delete images! Throw them away! It’s tough work I tell ya.

Inevitably there will be some photos with eyes closed, heads turned the wrong way, hair astray, faces out of focus or even a child melting down. For the most part, these little photo flaws render a photo unusable. Sometimes though, there is just too much value in the photo; that’s where I have to use my judgment and wonder would the client want this photo, would this photo still make the client happy.

Sometimes those flaws actually make the photo better.

This one, for example. Check out this little nugget’s facial expression. It’s certainly not a smile…but little did I know these cute fishy lips were sort of baby Claire’s thing.

And this one of sweet Tessa has her hair covering that precious smile of hers. But THE JOY. Those are two joyful people.

Then there’s my Natalie, who loves the swings dearly but despises having her hair brushed. She looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks in the below photo, but she’s so HAPPY and full of JOY.

So often, when I’m sorting the good photos from the bad, I’m looking for the joy, because joy is easy to spot. When you see it, you just know.