The reward is in the work

I am fortunate to sit on the Board of Directors for a Durham-based nonprofit, The Exchange Family Center. They provide free child abuse and neglect prevention services to area families (either voluntarily or court-mandated cases) and have done so for 25 years now. This video I created recounts those 25 years, from the humblest of early days to present day, when their services are highly sought after, respected and there are burdensome waiting lists. They are working on fundraising to get those waiting lists down, because families in need should not have to wait.

One way I was able to help in their efforts was to produce this video, which ended up being tremendously rewarding.

The Exchange Family Center celebrates 25 years from Melanie Busbee.


I’ve only known the Center for six years now, but working on this project enabled me to sift through numerous photos, newsletters, headlines, etc from their earliest days. The folks who founded the Center did so with kind, willing hearts and their vision has continued and grown over the decades. They must be extremely proud and I hope their hearts swell when they look back at their legacy.

Just check out these priceless images…

Congratulations to the Exchange Family Center and here’s to another 25 years!

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