Exploring an old favorite

I recently needed to get my kids out of the house, because, well, climbing the walls and such. My hope was that the American Tobacco Campus would have its pop-up ice skating rink open for the season. My expectations were low, as I hadn’t seen any media announcing the rink being up and running.

I brought along my camera in the event that I could snag a few photos of the campus’s holiday decorations, which are stunning this time of year.

The kiddos were fascinated by the strands of lights and wondered at the logistics of stringing them along the tower. 

I love visiting the American Tobacco Campus because there is always something new to discover, even for frequent visitors. Like this sweet little mural. I’ve never noticed it before.

And I love that the holidays offer a fresh perspective on a familiar space.

My nuggets, acting momentarily sweet. 

And one final glimpse before we headed home for the evening.

No ice skating rink. Not even close. But a trip to the American Tobacco Campus is always worth the views.

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