Having some fun with Lensball

Look what finally arrived at the Busbee studio: my very own Lensball! It is this crazy little spherical lens made out of K9 crystal. I ordered the 80mm version that produces unique and breathtaking images. The company also sells a 60mm version that is lighter weight and a bit better for travel.

I just pulled it out of the box yesterday and am clearly a novice. Using this nifty gadget takes a bit of practice, and slightly better scenery than the woods behind my house where I tested it out. Consider it the widest possible lens on the planet. I am looking forward to bringing this little guy on my next trip!

The lensball itself is seriously high quality and I want to do it justice once I get more experience.

Also, I want to praise the company and its customer service. I originally ordered a Lensball a month or two ago and was unfortunately out of town when it arrived in my mailbox. While I was away, our mailbox was robbed (disgusting, right?) and all of its contents ripped and scattered around our neighborhood. A neighbor found my ripped and emptied Lensball package. The robbers had stolen my sweet little crystal ball. I am very curious how they might be using it, if they didn’t immediately take it to a pawn shop to cash in.

On a whim, and lacking hope, I emailed Lensball customer service and told them what happened. And though it wasn’t the company’s responsibility at all, they offered to replace my stolen Lensball free of charge. I could not believe they were willing to do that! 

Kudos to a company that works to make its customers happy and satisfied. Thank you, Lensball. I hope to create some beautiful images with this gift.

Happy shooting!


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