No need to say sorry

13055580_1102154663140949_8544702587552633492_nA few days ago I was packed up and ready to leave the house for a session when the client called to cancel. Fortunately (and surprisingly) this has been one of the few cancellations I’ve ever had.

The client was up in arms, distraught, apologetic and full of guilt. She thought she had committed the worst of crimes, and all due to a sick baby.

As a mother of three who has taken children, babies and family photos for years, I am very aware of the work it takes to make clients comfortable in front of the camera. There are a lot of games played in between the flashes of camera. We take a lot of breaks in order to get the shots I need.

Comfort is key. If the family I’m shooting or a newborn is uncomfortable, we are facing an uphill battle.

The last thing I would want is a baby that doesn’t feel 100% to have to sit through a photo session, and a worried mama anxiously awaiting the session’s end. I want my sessions to be fun and full of good memories.

So please, please, please families, if you are not feelin’ it, just say so. I understand. Feel no guilt. You do not have to apologize. We’ll reschedule.

Client comfort comes first :)


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