Innocent afternoon

Early autumn afternoons outdoors make for great photography conditions.  The sun is low in the sky and hits subjects and surrounding elements at unique angles, making dramatic impact on a photo.  Not to mention that children just want to be outdoors, exploring and creating.  When kids can just be themselves it makes for a better photo.
This photo was taken in early October around 3 pm.  I wouldn’t typically suggest that time of day as ideal for shooting – it still can be a little harsh.  Four o’clock and later makes for even better lighting. I got lucky with this shot.  Her face was just beyond the boldest rays of the sun, but her hair and dress wasn’t.  Her hair and dress highlight the innocence of her age, so I appreciated that they were in such direct light.
The hazy air is another benefit to shooting early morning or late afternoon.
She was so focused on her game that I couldn’t have paid her to look at the camera…but I’m glad she didn’t.


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